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What Is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files, mostly consisting of letters and numbers, which are stored on your computer or your mobile device when you visit a website and allow the detection of the device in question.

We process cookies regarding the visitors and users of the address stated above. In addition, first party cookies (directly placed by us) and third-party cookies (placed by servers other than us) are also used in the addresses. The first party cookie types we use and undertake are as follows:

Strictly Necessary (Basic) Cookies: These cookies’ use is strictly necessary for the functions in the address to work properly and the services to be fully provided. For example, the identity authentication in an address that intercedes when you logged in, provides the continuity of your login which is effective when you switch from one page to another. Deactivating these cookies may result in functions becoming unusable.

Persistent Cookies: These are the cookies that are used to increase the functionality of the address and to provide better services with higher quality, and they run until you delete it or the expiry date by browsers. This type of cookie is used to remember your preferences and personalize your use. These cookies include the cookies that save your password and keep you logged in, therefore saving you from the trouble of entering a password every time you enter the site, and they remember and recognize you when you enter the address.

Performance/Analytical Cookies: Performance and analysis cookies are used to improve the site. These cookies are used by the website to estimate the number of unique visitors, detect the most important search engine keywords, or monitor the surfing situation on the website.

Functionality and Preference Cookies: They allow the personalization of the website content depending on the preferences of the users visiting the website. It is possible to prevent the use of these cookies.

How Can You Control Cookie Use?

To visit and use our address, the processing of cookies is not necessary; you can personalize your preferences on cookies by changing your browser’s preferences. If you adjust your browser to prevent cookies, you can continue to use the addresses; however, your access to all functions in the addresses may be limited, and the quality of your user experience may decrease.

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