Valens; “Solutions Enlightening Your Life”

Valens Aydınlatma is among the first domestic lighting manufacturers in Turkey and started its activities in 1992 as ESPA Aydınlatma. Having come to a prominent position in the lighting sector in Turkey and in the world market with an innovative perspective and competitive approach, Valens Aydınlatma continues its production in its factory, which has an area of 2500 m2 and is equipped with modern technology.

With its expert team in the field, Valens Elektrik Elektronik Pazarlama Sanayi Tic. Ltd. Şti. designs and manufactures LED bulbs, lamps, indoor and outdoor decorative fixtures and lighting products, as well as lighting, fixtures, indoor and outdoor lighting systems for hotels, hospital, residences, industrial and all other architectural projects in its production center with automation technology. Valens Aydınlatma products, which are produced at international quality standards and compatible with smart building systems, have CE certificate and quality standards.

With a service concept based on customer satisfaction, Valens Aydınlatma offers quality at the most affordable prices with special lighting solutions for its customers. With its environmentally friendly LED lighting products, it demonstrates a sense of responsibility that values people and nature. Opening from Turkey to the world in the lighting sector, Valens Aydınlatma achieves new successes every year with its export-oriented moves and takes its place among the leading brands in this field. Great importance is attached to R&D studies, and steps are taken to meet all the needs of its customers in the best way with its product range renewed every year.


Valens Elektrik Elektronik Pazarlama Sanayi Tic. Ltd. Şti offers solutions to meet the functional and decorative lighting needs of its customers with the highest quality and affordable costs. Accordingly, it stands by you with its 30 years of knowledge and experience. The secret of the success of Valens Aydınlatma depends on the following principles that constitute its quality policy:

– Based on unconditional customer satisfaction, to take into account the requests and suggestions of all customers, offer special solutions to their needs, and make them feel that we always stand by them by providing technical support before and after sales.

– To continuously increase the market share by providing the desired quality production at international standards for our lighting products.

– As Valens Aydınlatma, to take the necessary steps to increase the performance of our employees to even higher levels and to spread the team spirit among all our employees.

– As a domestic brand of our country, and as a requirement of our responsibility to our people, to provide employment opportunities and to provide added value to the national economy by constantly improving our production and marketing network accordingly.

– To continue the growth trend with new products and new business partners every year by adopting a philosophy focused on continuous development.

– To act with an environmentally friendly approach in the manufacture of lighting products and to fulfill the requirements of our responsibility towards the world we live in, with ecological lighting systems that protect eye health and do not cause light pollution.


“We Value Our Employees”

We consider our employees as the driving force of our company and provide the appropriate environment for them to work in better conditions and happily.

“We Love the World and Those in It”

We produce environmentally friendly products. We care about human health. We design all the products we manufacture with this in mind.

“We Work for Our Country”

As Valens Aydınlatma, which was established with domestic capital and has come to this day, we are aware of all our responsibilities in terms of reducing the unemployment problem and training qualified personnel. We work for this and provide qualified workforce to our country by providing employment opportunities. We are leading in economic development by exporting at a growing rate every year in the foreign market.

“We Make a Difference with Innovative Solutions”

As Valens Aydınlatma, we follow the lighting trends and design the best lighting systems for you in our production line with modern technology.


  • To become a brand that appeals to larger and wider areas as one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the world and in our country.
  • To grow by constantly making new investments in the field of lighting systems and to provide the fastest, quality and correct solutions to customers.
  • To be among the world's largest brands in the lighting industry by providing safe services to every corner of the world.


  • As Valens Aydınlatma, it is our company's strategic priority to provide our customers with the best products in terms of the price-quality index in lighting products.
  • As one of the leading actors in the lighting and electricity sector, to direct the sector and to offer solutions that make life easier by combining innovative modern designs and aesthetics with technology.